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What to consider when buying juicers

Juicers are potent appliances that ensure you get that fresh juice right in your kitchen without any additives and artificial flavors and sugar. Natural ingredient juicing is a new entrant into the market for its massive advantages to your body. Not only are the ingredients readily available, but they are also easy to extract juice, leaving you with enough nutrients you are lacking from not having the required amount of fruits and vegetables daily.

If you love fresh juices, you can quickly agree that owning a great juicer can give you a smooth juicing experience. These small units are built to handle different juicing needs. They are powerful to extract juice from the most complex ingredients leaving the pulp for other cooking and baking needs.

Getting a suitable unit may be daunting for beginners or even professionals. Various brands on the market guarantee results, but that does not mean 100% they are the best. They are built differently and come in various types, prices, and features ideal for your needs.

Making the best choice may be challenging from the large variety. Fortunately, this review is here to ease your research as we have highlighted every consideration you should incorporate in your search for the perfect working and ideal gadget:

  1. The type of juicers

Various types of juicers come with different capabilities, features, and functionality. Depending on your fresh juice needs, here are the types you can choose from;

Centrifugal juicers

These juicers are among the popular juicers on the market. Also referred to as juice extractors. Their sharp, fast-moving blades chop the vegetables and fruits while the mesh filters separate the pulp from the liquid juice. They can reasonably extract juice from most fruits and vegetables, but not with herbs, leafy greens, and wheatgrass, which is done better from other models.

If you are on a tight budget and you don’t need juice in large batches, centrifugal juicers are here for you. They are easy to use and clean, perfect for beginners who need to experience nutritional benefits without much strain. However, the heat produced by the fast rotation tends to degrade the juice produced.  

Masticating juicers

These juicers are unique with their slow gear use in crushing the vegetables and fruits to squeeze out the juice. The juice produced from the ‘slow juicers, cold press or single-gear juicers’ can be pulpy and foamy with a chunky-mouth feel and a bitter taste. However, they process the ingredients for longer and have a higher price. They juice a wide variety of vegetables and fruits as their specialty. You can also make baby food or nut butter with these juicers. They are convenient at juicing without altering the nutrients and quantity of juice produced.

For any pro juicer, you can agree that this kind of juicer is superior in extracting juice but costs more. On the other side, these gadgets require lots of time to juice even the most complex products, such as leafy greens and wheatgrass.  

Twin Gear juicers

These gadgets utilize their two interlocking gears, which spin, pull the ingredients in, and chew them. The juice extracted has more nutrients and contains high pulp amounts than masticating and centrifugal juicers. They process the juice quietly and effectively make juices and baby food, pasta, and nut butter. However, they are bulky, expensive, and take longer when cleaning.

If you are a juicing enthusiast, the twin-gear, also known as dual-gear or triturating juicers, is your ideal choice. They produce high-end juices from various fruits and vegetables that stay fresh for longer. You can use these gadgets in making bread or pasta. However, they make cost you more and take more extended cleaning. 

Citrus juicers

Most juicers can extract juice from citrus fruits, but these juicers are created explicitly for citrus. In most cases, they are listed as OJ Juicers or Citrus Press. This kind is practical and suitable for people who are not interested in juice from other fruits or vegetables and require large quantities at once. There are various models of the same, with some costing as little as $20 and others in the higher end. The costlier electronic models have built-in containers and juicing cones for excellent results and experience. They are easy to use and easier to clean but are limited to citrus and small quantities of juice.

2. What kind of products you are going to use

Ensure you know the kind of ingredients you will use for your juices. If you are using soft fruits, leafy greens, complex fruits, and vegetables, citrus fruits and vegetables, be sure to know the type of juicer that will be effective. Various machines are built to surpass its results for different ingredients. Not every kind of juicer can produce the best results with any ingredient. Knowing the type of produce to use in your fresh juice can influence the choice of the best unit for your needs.

3. User-friendliness

Getting an ideal gadget will ensure you have a smooth juice extraction experience. Look for a unit that is easy to assemble and disassemble the parts for easy cleaning; the fewer the parts, the better. Ensure it perfectly fits your countertop space and withstands your regular juicing habit. You have a wide variety of juicers that are convenient in ensuring you have the best fresh juice full of nutrients every day.  

4. Reliability

Like any other appliance, you may need a unit to serve you longer and utilize your investment. For more reliability, ensure your gadget has;

High-quality parts: Ensure your parts are made from high-quality materials that guarantee more extended service. In most cases, the stainless-steel parts offer outstanding performance for a long time than their plastic counterparts.

The motor size: For the right consistency and quality of juice, you need a juicer with a considerable amount of power to cut through the fibers in your ingredients, such as nuts, beets, or apples. Ensure you get a great unit with sufficient motor power within your price range. For a reliable motor, consider one with 1.1 horsepower and more.

5. Budget

If you need a perfect and ideal working unit, you need to invest in a functional and reliable juicer. Like most appliances, the higher the price, the better the performance, so does the same applies to juicers. For higher-end juicers, there are more features, higher-end yield results, user-friendly with a better warranty, and a better-looking gadget. There are different gadgets at different price levels. You can get a greatly-designed and reliable juicer from as low as $20-1000. If you are serious about starting a juicing regime for your health, you should invest in a quality that will serve you for long. You do not want a poor-quality gadget that will only break after a few use times.

6. Warranty

A great warranty will guarantee you a high-quality, long-lasting product. Every brand comes with a different warranty. In most cases, high-end juicers such as centrifugal come with 1-5-year warranties on their motors burn out while masticating juicers have a 10-year plus domestic warranties on the motor and 5-year plus its parts. Some brands offer warranties as long as 15-year on the motor, which clearly shows the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of their product. Ensure you learn of the warranties, where they are serviced and what they cover, and whatnot.

7. Convenience

You are investing, and you need not get a unit below your juicing standards. Ensure your choice of machine is convenient and effective for all your juicing needs. For more effectiveness, consider:

Multipurpose: If you are looking for a juicer that does more than extract juice, some models are designed to handle other tasks such as grinding spices, herbs, coffee beans, making baby food, bread, and nut butter. Most masticating juicers are well equipped to handle most tasks, but these extra functions will cost you more.

Size of the feed tube: Most masticating and centrifugal juicers come with a small feed tube. It means you need to cut the ingredients into smaller pieces or only feed one leaf at a time into the machine for the best results. Consider getting a juicer with a large feed tube to take whole fruit, carrots, vegetables, or cucumbers for convenience.

Size of the pulp container: Effectiveness is at its best with a larger pulp bin. It saves you more time to empty it when juicing large amounts of ingredients.

8. Aesthetics

Juicers come with unique designs, styles, and colors to fit your kitchen décor. Some people love to match their appliances. If you are one, consider getting a great aesthetically designed model without compromising its performance. Get the right size and shape for more convenience. Most brands have various colors and material-used to give you a tremendous juicing experience.


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