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Why You Need A Tofu Press In Your Vegan Kitchen

By Victor Barassa

November 30, 2021

Tofu Press

If you are trying to reduce your meat consumption or simply enjoy Asian cuisine, you are likely to encounter tofu press in your cooking.

Tofu is a soy-based meat substitute produced by many industrial manufacturers. The ability to store Tofu without spoilage for a longer period of time than meat products attracts many culinary professionals and home chefs alike. Recent trends in vegetarianism and veganism are fueling the trend.

This high-protein soy product makes the perfect low-fat addition to many vegetarian and vegan recipes.

The following is a list of our favorite tofu presses of every type available.  Find out which is best for your situation.

1. EZ Tofu Press

This affordable model is one of the quickest tofu presses on the market. With a 15-minute maximum press time and a hand-controlled knob for adjusting pressure levels, it can quickly serve tofu novices and veteran tofu makers alike.

Other pluses include ease of cleaning, centering lines to aid in measuring, and the fact that the product is made of BPA-free plastic.

Although it is dishwasher safe, it is recommended that the press be washed in warm, soapy water by hand to ensure longevity.

2. YARKOR Tofu Press

With a built-in spring mechanism and a drainage feature, this BPA-free tofu press makes a great addition to your vegan kitchen.

A bottom tray is an additional useful feature that allows you to catch and contain excess water as it drains from the container for food storage.

While Yarkor claims this is dishwasher safe, it’s still a good idea to hand-wash it because some users reported warping due to the pressure of the water cycle. Choose this press when handling firmer tofu varieties, but not the silken ones.

3. Lzttyee Homemade Wood Tofu Maker

The Lzttyee Homemade Wood Tofu Maker homemade is made using sycamore wood and can be used to make up to 3 pounds of tofu per batch.

Adjusting the lid’s top screw will allow you to compress homemade (or store-bought) tofu just as you want it. This can then be used in prepared dishes such as dried bean curd and bean skin.

4. Tofu Press By Grow Your Pantry

In addition to the essential components, such as the tool kit and the canopy itself, this pick comes with a storage bag and a recipe e-book.

The product is easy to assemble and disassemble because it comes with clear instructions that clearly show the procedure.

While it does come with a drip tray, the earthy aesthetic may not appeal to those who prefer a more modern-looking press. It is not dishwasher safe and needs to be disassembled before cleaning the bamboo features only.

5. Gourmet Tofu Press 

With this double-duty press, you can drain and marinate tofu at the same time and then flip the bottom tray out of the way to create a space for sauces and seasonings.

The model also works well for extracting liquids from spinach, eggplant, and cabbage.

When considering a tofu press for your vegan kitchen, design and material are the most important features to consider.

A wide variety of tofu presses are available. Many have two flat plates while others are constructed in the shape of a box. The ideal press should have small recesses that allow the bolt heads to sit flush into the bottom plate. This will allow the press to remain stable when placed in a flat surface.

When it comes to the material, knobs of many presses are plastic, small, or made out of materials that can be hard to grip. Find ones that are made out of brass, steel, or bamboo and are large enough to get a good grip.

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