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Why you need to start juicing today

By aseyo nadiah

July 30, 2021

A healthy body is the number one requirement for a successful life. There goes more than having healthy meals and exercise. Most dieticians and doctors highly recommend your consumption of fruits and vegetables to maintain your health. These foods are rich in nutrients and vitamins that ensure your body is well protected with maximum energy required for your daily tasks and overall being.

Juicing is the easiest way of ensuring your body has the nutrients of the whole food that are easily digested. Eating fruits and vegetables is ideal but it leaves your digestive system overwhelmed. Most people find it challenging to eat green leafy foods or fruits. To meet your body’s nutrient content without any struggle swallowing the fiber, you need to consider juicing like yesterday!

Juice is a miracle worker for your body. It is easier and simple to make with the readily available produce from the grocery store. A start to a new life should start with your powerful blender or juicer.

Buying a juicer

Getting the right juicer for all your juicing needs is ideal. However, getting the best Juicers that work by extracting liquid from raw vegetables and fruits while separating the pulp may be a daunting task. There are several models and brands on the market with different capabilities and performance. 

Here are the top juicers you will meet;

Types of juicers

  • Centrifugal juicers

These juicers are the most popular for their affordability, easy to clean, and powerful results. They work by chopping the fruits and vegetables into fine pieces while spinning them at high speed for easy separation of juice from the pulp. You can easily find these powerful machines in kitchen stores or department stores. However, these highly functional gadgets generate heat in the process, affecting the nutrients and enzymes in the juice. 

The Mueller Austria Juicer and the Breville BJE830BSS Juice Fountain Cold XL on amazon are on my top list for a great experience.

  • Masticating juicers

They are also referred to as grind or cold press juicers. They conveniently grind the vegetables and fruits by breaking them to press the bits into the strainer. The process of extracting juice is slower and quieter. They are effective for green juices than centrifugal machines as they ensure you have all the live enzymes and nutrients as they do not use heat.  They give you the most concentrated juice full of nutrients. However, you may need to chip in more when purchasing.

My Omega J8006HDS masticating juicer has been my favorite juicing companion.

  • Triturating Juicers

Juicing is at its best with these juicers. Their performance surpasses the other types as they can extract any type of produce- soft or hard while leaving you with smooth, fine and high quality nutrient-filled juice in the shortest time.

Their rotating twin gears ensure the ingredients are crushed and grinded into small fine particles that are pressed to extract your juice.  The process is fast and smooth, leaving you with dry pulp and amazing nutrient rich juice.

Also known as twin gear juicers, their large size makes them ideal for multiple culinary functions such as making pasta.

A great juicer, regardless of the price range, is easy to acquire and use. You can simply follow the control manual for an easy and fast operation to get you started no juicing. 

Juicing with a blender

If you have a blender, blending is possible, but you will need more time straining the juice from the pulp lest you remain with a smoothie. It is recommended you puree the ingredients in the blender then use a fine-mesh sieve to get the juice.  Fortunately, whether you use a blender or a juicer, the final product is filled with nutrients for your everyday consumption.

Here are some reasons why you need juicing:

1. Improved eating habits

Consuming vegetables and fruits may not be so welcoming among many. Mostly because of the varying tastes and flavors. That’s where juicing comes in. Juicing ensures you have balanced tastes, flavors, and consistency. You are allowed to use different ingredients in varying measurements to meet your ideal taste. This is a perfect way of adding nutrients into your body without much strain on your teeth. If you have children or picky eaters and they hate fruits, but you don’t want them to lack the nutrients, juicing gives you the most refreshing and amazing ‘cheating’ in a healthy way. 

You can include juices for breakfast or in between meals for the best results.Lots of health benefits

2. Lots of health benefits

Fresh juices are the best when it comes to a healthy you. In most cases, vegetables and fruits are recommended for a perfect drink. They contain antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and K, minerals such as Magnesium, potassium, depending on the ingredients you are using. These vitamins in the juice are critical for boosting your skin health and appearance, improving your immune system, nail and hair health, curbing diseases and illnesses, improving sleep, and boosting moods. The nutrients are essential for the proper functioning of your body. Antioxidants ensure you have a clean body system as they help boost mineral absorption, remove toxins and waste from the body, and have great digestion. 

3. Improved digestion

A healthy and functional digestive system will guarantee good health. From most research, a third of our immune system is found in the digestive tract. Juicing gives you a better alternative to giving your body the nutrients it requires for a healthy digestive system. Since you will likely consume liquids full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, it is soft on the digestive tract with no strain on the liver or kidneys. 

For a better immune and digestion, consider adding lemon to your juices as it ensures your digestive system is lubricated, softens the stool, and improves bile production from the liver for easier toxins and waste release from the body.  

A great alternative for faster and easy digestion is ginger. Eating it is not that fun. Juicing it with your other ingredients will add flavor and improve removal of toxins from the body while remaining gentle on your system.

With juicing, you will be free from bloating, a common occurrence when you eat some vegetables.Increased nutrient absorption 

4. Increased nutrient absorption 

Juices are a great source of nutrients directly to your system. Since you are taking juiced foods, it takes a shorter time to process compared to whole foods.  Most studies have found that most juices take as short as 15 minutes to fully start their nutrient distribution in the body, whereas solid foods take up to 3-4 hours to benefit your internal organs.  Having nutrients circulating in your system in the shortest time is what you need. Eating whole fruits and vegetables is ideal, but juicing is more idealistic.Improved hydration

5. Improved hydration

Fresh juices are the perfect hydration-solving element with lots of benefits. Juicing increases your intake of fluids to meet the required 80% water capacity for your wellbeing. Each glass of your favorite carrot, watermelon, or vegetable juice will save you lots by reducing the number of trips to the doctor.Boosted energy levels

6. Boosted energy levels

Vegetable and fruits juices are full of minerals and nutrients that ensure our bodies can fight infections and clean our system. Since these liquid juices, when separated from the pulp, take little time to be broken down into nutrients, you are sure of a refreshed and energized body. In most cases, the longer the digestion time of food, the more energy the body will use to break down, leaving you with less energy.

7. Many recipes option

With juicing, you have lots of ingredients to try for a better tasting and refreshing drink.  You can use many vegetables and fruits to ensure you have the full nutritional value while remaining hydrated. From the many benefits juicing can give, these versatile recipes allow you to combine thousands of fruits to provide you with the taste you need. Combining few ingredients to make various drinks can guarantee you amazing health benefits with many options to start juicing.

What to expect when juicing

When starting out on juicing, you may not feel all these advantages at a go. It may be uncomfortable adjusting to the new juicing behavior, but most of the effects are temporary as the body gets used to juices. Some people may feel weak and give up, but that does not mean you are taking the wrong food, just like the case of stopping caffeine drinks, where you may complain of headaches or worn out due to withdrawal symptoms. 

Before returning to the normal you when taking juices, some will experience low energy, headaches, diarrhea, and even joint pain. Since your body will be adapting to the removal of toxins, your liver and kidney will be overworking to build your new and healthy tissues. 

For shorter cleanses, your body will soon regain its strength, and you can feel the many benefits depending on the vegetable and fruit choices you are combining.  It is recommended to add the ratio of 2:1 for vegetables and fruits because of the higher sugar content in fruits. 

Juicing does not mean you need to stop taking water for hydration. Ensure you take more fluids for a whole being. 

Before going for the juice cleanse, ensure you consult your doctor. You can always get more details on juicing on the internet.

In Conclusion

However, the concept of juicing may be a great idea, it has some drawbacks that are overlooked all the time.  The removal of pulp and fiber from the juice leaves you with less advantage you may get if you consume fibrous foods. Since the digestion is fast with juices, you will experience high blood sugar. Moreover, getting the ingredients for regular juice is costly and time-consuming to prepare. 

Nevertheless, Juicing is a fantastic experience.  If you have not started, don’t be afraid of trying out new juicing recipes that have overflowed the internet since the introduction of juicing. For the best results and convenience, ensure you have the best juicer for all your fresh juice needs. Start juicing today and get living for a better, healthy you!

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